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Clinical Medical Physics

I have worked in the radiation oncology field as a medical physicist for 27 years, most of them in the Central Florida region.  Currently, I am working at a small but advanced clinic, Florida Radiation Oncology in Winter Park.  I love bringing the latest techniques for our patients, and seeing our friends get better.

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Being close to my higher power helps bring me down to earth and know what is important.  I have learned, after many attempts at doing this thing called life on my own, that I LIVE when I help others first.

I converted to Catholicism years ago, and during graduate school, I spent many weekends at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Ky, the monastery which Thomas Merton resided years ago, whose autobiography The Severn Storey Mountain  has had a huge influence on me.




I work in a field where I calculate, compute, calibrate radiation treatments for cancer treatments.  I solve problems all day long, or at least try.All quantitavtive and analytical. My fiancee helped me get into photography and I took a couple of classes at Crealde School of Art, one with Michael Van Gelder and another with Jon Manchester, both incredible photographers.  And I have a way to express a creative side that I never did in my past. It is almost meditative to me to take photos or process a photo in Photoshop.

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